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Being a naturist is American as skinny dipping

who we are

Roadrunner Naturists is an active group of nudists based in northern New Mexico, with most events held in the Albuquerque area.  The average age of our members is 40's to 60's, but ages range from diapers to wrinkles.  Some of us are single and some married.  Some have school-age children, who accompany us on our outings, and some of our children are grown but still come along when they can.  We are bound together by friendship, love of the outdoors, and a common belief that there is nothing shameful about the human body.  Our custom is nude when possible and appropriate, clothed when practical.  If we are cold or sunburned, we dress accordingly.


 what do we do

In good weather we enjoy backyard swimming and hot tub parties, potlucks, camping, soaking in hot springs, holiday parties and more. Sometimes we visit nudist resorts in neighboring states. In the wintertime we have hot tub parties, games nights, holiday parties, etc.  We usually have events scheduled every month and we have a great time!


 about our organization

We are a clothing-optional non-landed, or travel, club.  That is, we have no permanent facilities of our own.  We are affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), and its western U.S. regional association,  AANR-West.  We offer, optionally, association with The Naturist SocietyWe are one of several nudist/naturist groups in New Mexico and often enjoy joint events with the other groups.  Roadrunner Naturists are incorporated in New Mexico as a non-profit organization.


Need additional information?

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Roadrunner Naturists

PO Box 91055 Albuquerque, NM 87199
(505) 717-7918


Proud members of American Association for Nude Recreation and American Association for Nude Recreation West.

Common hesitations about social nudity.

Everyone will be staring at me!
If you walk through a mall nude, people certainly would. Here everyone is nude and staring is impolite and not permitted.

I'm (pick one) - too fat, too skinny, etc.
Our members are not beauty queens or Greek gods, just ordinary people like you.

What if someone I know is there?
If they are here, they are nude also. It is very rare to run into someone you know here, but if you did, now you have something else in common.

What if someone finds out I'm a nudist?
We go to great lengths to protect the privacy of our members and guests.  Most likely, no one will find out unless you tell them.


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