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Here is a proposal concerning a new sub-group for the Roadrunner Naturists Club.  Please contact Audrey using the RSVP form.

Friday Foodies

 This activity will be held monthly on the 2nd Friday of each month. The first 10-12 people that RSVP will be permitted for attendance due to restrictions in kitchen sizes. The event will rotate to willing hosts who will demonstrate and provide all the makings of a favorite dish to the attendees. Optimally, the dish should have active components that can be performed by many of the attendees and the result should qualify as a main dish to be shared upon completion. 

Event times will remain flexible to accommodate most guests and determined by that month’s host. It is essential that while RSVPing for these events, you provide a good telephone number where you may be consulted on your time limitations. This event does not qualify for RRNC reimbursement or host payments.

 The first event will be held on July 10, 2020 at the Maxon house at 10815 Sandcreek St. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114. They will be demonstrating Indonesian Fried Rice. The Maxons will wait to see who RSVPs and contact each guest to determine the time.



Take a look at this blog by Dan Carlson about family naturism:




     Do you ever do something like drive down the street and then think about what effort it takes for that experience to be a good one?  For instance, engineers have to properly design the layout, contstruction workers have to lay pavement and sidewalks as well as build the drainage system, electricians have to wire signals and programmers have to program the PLCs that control the traffic lights and finally maintenance people have to constantly make this stuff work.  

    We may take for granted some of the priviledges that we nudists have gained over the years.  AANR is the type of organization that constantly strives to make things better for us in the naturist community.  For over 8 decades they have championed the causes against pretty tough odds and still are in the front when new challenges present themselves.  The Government Affairs Team, GAT,  chaired by Tim Mullins consistantly monitors legislative actions and proposed legislation and the members of the team do not hesitate to present our views whether in person at hearings or by written responses to the concerned political bodies.  They will represent members and clubs at the local community as well as at the state and national levels.  Their experience with these efforts can be a terrific meaningful resource to clubs like ours and we should remember to use it when we have this type of concern.  All we have to do is let GAT know about a problem and they will help us out.  As the political climate changes there may be those who want to take away some to the gains we have made and we must be well aware of those threats and not hesitate to challenge them.  We want to expand our priviledges and rights, not deminish them.

    AANR is important in other respects as well.  The Bulletin is packed with meaningful articles that pertain to our way of life.  These works not only reflect the experiences of others, they also offer information about topics like: sun exposure, make-up use, travel, spas, nudist pride, and other items of interest.  The columns by the Executive Director and President always include very insightful observations that have meaning for the members.  The Bulletin also offers a classified ad service and advertising opportunities for resorts, etc.  

    ANNR provides benefits and services that make it well worth our annual contributions.