Roadrunner Events for July, August & September, 2022

Monday, July 25, 2022 2:00 p.m.  Roadrunner Readers group will meet at the Flying Star Restaurant on Paseo del Norte.  This Readers meeting will consist of each participant discussing the current book that they have been reading.  The group has followed this agenda in the past and have found it to be very informative for all.   We plan to include this type of meeting from time to time.  So, get your thoughts together about what you are reading and join the group for an enjoyable afternoon of discussion.  Please RSVP here:  RSVP for RR Readers, 25 July.

Roadrunners is still in a decreased event schedule.  Hopefully this pandemic will lessen soon!

We are always in need of hosts for events.  You do not need to have a hot tub or pool to host an event.  Please contact: Any club officer (contact information is in the member only newsletter section of this site) or email to: if you can help the club out by hosting an event. Remember, it takes all of us to make our club a success!

 Need additional information?  Email us!

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