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Why Be Nude?

just for women

I know what you're thinking--"Oh, no, not me!" "I have to lose __ lbs. first." "I have stretch marks." "Men will stare at me." "Real people don't do this!" "If HE wants me to go, it must be about sex." "I'll be the fattest women there!"--But, you'd be wrong on all counts. That's what I thought too. In nude recreation we have a saying---"Its the man's idea to go and the woman's idea to go back." The truth is women find this to be a place where, sometimes for the first time in their lives, they are NOT judged about how their body looks. They can not worry about their belly hanging out or sagging breasts because all the other women look much the same. Imagine just feelingNORMALfor a change. Inappropriate comments or behavior is not a problem for the simple reason that no one wants to be rude to friends, both men and women. In the extremely rare case of lapses in behavior, the offending individual would be asked to leave. You really can love your body for all it is and all it does for you and stop hating it for all it will never be. We have brochures and videos designed solely for women, free of charge. Send an email to the club and we will have one of our women give you a call to talkabout your fears about trying social nudism. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you are not alone and that most folks have had those fears at first.  

couldn't you have just as much fun with your clothes on?

Not really. Nude recreation is an experience that can be a little different for each person. For some, it builds self-confidence as they find how normal they are and how few people have "perfect" bodies. Others enjoy the comfort and relaxation and that back-to-nature feeling. For others its the absence of judgment that you can experience in the clothed world. If you have ever skinny-dipped, you remember the feelings of freedom and exhilaration from the splendid sensations of water, sun and air all over your body. Who wants a soggy, cold, dripping wet swimsuit? To relax and be nude is to let yourself be totally free.

getting real

Stripping away clothes also strips away the symbols of status and social class distinctions and allows you to form social relationships based on character. Our own self esteem is enhanced by our ability to accept ourselves as we really are. We find it easy to accept others regardless of physical size, shape or body condition. At a nude beach or nude resort, we're all un-dressed the same. "Body acceptance" becomes the healthy, wholesome, unifying theme.

it's not a swingers club

Eroticism is not found at most resorts because they are family orientated. People find it to be an enjoyable feeling of liberation from normal public restraints, but erotic it is not. Nude recreation is a wholesome family pastime with wholesome values.

what is it like to go to a nudist travel club or resort?

It is just like going to any other party, event or resort - only everyone is nude! There are nude resorts that cater to all kind of interests including RV’ing and camping, volleyball, spa services, tennis, hiking etc. Of course, you can just lay by the pool and read a book - either way you go home without tan lines! Travel Clubs, or non-landed clubs, are groups of nudists without resort facilities. They generally meets in member homes or at a campground,hot springs, a bowling alley, etc. When we meet, there is usually a pot luck meal and some planned party theme and usually a pool or hot tub to enjoy. Occasionally, we'll travel to a landed Nudist Club or Resort or even take a Nudist Cruise together, thus the name "travel club."

what kind of people are nudists?

All kinds of people! Nude travel represents a broad cross section of people, from professionals to laborers, old to young. We are same type of people you would meet at church, the supermarket, a mall or at work. We are generally not the exhibitionists that some people might think, since it really isn't about seeing or being seen.

what is the difference between "clothing-optional" and "nude"?

The term "clothing-optional" refers to groups, clubs or resorts where clothing is just that - optional. You may choose to keep your clothes on or not. Most people there are nude though, since that is their purpose for going. However, this provides a safe, pressure free way for first-timers to ease into it, as they feel comfortable to do so. A few clubs or resorts are "nude" meaning that nudityISrequired. Roadrunner Naturists is clothing-optional.

Every Club or Resort that we are aware of has a "No Photography" rule. Occasionally a Club or Resort will allow photos to be taken, but only by owners or known and trusted members, after a public announcement is made so that anyone who doesn't want to be in the pictures can move themselves out of the shot. Photographs areNEVERfor public distribution without the written permission of everyone in the photograph.

SomeCommon hesitations about socia nudity.Common hesitations about socialdity.

Everyone will be staring at me!

Common Concerns About Social Nudity

If you walk through a mall nude, people certainly would. Here everyone is nude and staring is impolite and not permitted.

I'm (pick one) - too fat, too skinny, etc.

Our members are not beauty queens or Greek gods, just ordinary people like you.

What if someone I know is there?

If they are here, they are nude also.It is very rare to run into someone you know here, but if you did,now you have something else in common.

What if someone finds out I'm a nudist?

We go to great lengths to protect the privacy of our members and guests. Most likely, no one will find out unless you tell them.

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how can I be sure that someone won't take pictures of me and put them on the Internet?